Dolphin Bay Software Ezy Pascal

Dolphin Bay Software Ezy Pascal 6.0

Performs simplifie programming tasks for learning purposes
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Learn the basic of programming and practice simple tasks in the dedicated suite running on the Pascal programming language. It features multiple help files and messages to help learn about the actions and processes involved. Test runs of completed projects are possible.

Learn how to program with Ezy Pascal, the Pascal programming software designed for new programmers. Ezy Pascal is very easy to use and no previous programming experience is needed. There are free tutorials to get you started. Ezy Pascal Free Version is a free Pascal compiler that makes learning to program easy and fun. With Ezy Pascal you can learn how to program and have a lot of fun too. Ezy Pascal is very easy to use. Programs are written and run in the same window, there are no executable files created. Running a program takes just one mouse click - it doesn't get any simpler than that! Ezy Pascal allows you to view your program and it's output as the program runs. You can pause execution and then step through the program statement by statement. Ezy Pascal shows you which statement is going to execute next by the position of the cursor. This is useful for understanding how programs execute. Ezy Pascal allows you to view values stored in variables as you step execution through the program. This also helps to understand what a program is doing as it executes.

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